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The summer finished soon after Hermione returned back to the Burrow. She hadn't seen Draco since. Everyone was back at Hogwarts - the newly built one. Harry and Hermione were talking to each other in the Great Hall, Ron was with Katie Bell in the common room, Ginny was eating listening to Harry and Hermione's intriguing conversation. Ginny noticed that Draco was staring at Hermione.

Follow/Fav Take it Off and Keep it Off. By: SweetnSour You want me, Hermione Granger, to go to a strip club. Me! Hermione Granger! You know I agreed to your class only because it was innocent fun. I'm not going to go watch people professionally take their clothes off. For money!".

Hermione Granger is not one for strip clubs. She loathes the idea of them. They're pure objectification. But when Harry and Ron drag her to one for Harry's bachelor party, she finds herself rather entranced by a certain sarcastic purple-haired stripper.

Hermione gritted her teeth as both she and Harry stared at Ron. Harry finally spoke up. "Alright. What's the game?" Ron unfolded his arms and turned towards the lake. "The game is called 'Skip Or Strip'. It's kind of a version of Strip Poker. Both require skill and a good amount of luck." Hermione groaned and buried her face in her hands.