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Homebrew G5RV wire antennas is a curation of 47 resources about, Antennes: La G5RV), G5RV antenna project by F5JTZ, The G5RV antenna by WB2VUO, G5RV Optimization, RV - Top Band G5RV Antenna. Resources listed under G5RV category belongs to Antennas main collection, and get reviewed and rated by amateur radio operators.

Ham and Amateur Radio Antennas. If you are an amateur radio enthusiast who uses a ham radio, you'll be able to communicate with fellow ham radio operators or even report emergencies. However, to operate such a radio effectively, you first need to understand its various features.

Over the last few decades, the G5RV antenna has become one of the most popular and widely used "all around" multi-band antennas in the world. Even though it is a "compromise" antenna, it has good overall performance on most hf ham bands when used with an external tuner, and allows coax as an entry feedline to the radio equipment eliminating the need and hassle of ladder line or twinlead.

May 13,  · Published on May 13, in Amateur Radio and Radio Antennas. 9 Comments. Are you a fan of the G5RV antenna? Then you may be interested in the ZS6BKW antenna. The ZS6BKW antenna is an optimized variant of the venerable old G5RV. The G5RV antenna (c. ) was designed by Louis Varney (G5RV, SK). The ZS6BKW (early ’s) was derived from the.