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The Shinto Kanamara Matsuri (かなまら祭り, "Festival of the Steel Phallus") is held each spring at the Kanayama Shrine (金山神社, Kanayama-jinja) in Kawasaki, betterbasket.info exact dates vary: the main festivities fall on the first Sunday in April. The phallus, as the central theme of the event, is reflected in illustrations, candy, carved vegetables, decorations, and a mikoshi betterbasket.infoed by: Kanayama shrine, Kawasaki, Japan.

Each spring, people flock to Kawasaki, Japan, to celebrate Kanamara Matsuri, aka the "Festival of the Steel Phallus." Held this year on April 6, the festival is a celebration of the penis and fertility. People parade gigantic phallic-shaped mikoshi (portable Shinto shrines) down the streets during.

Tetsuo: The Iron Man (鉄男, Tetsuo) is a Japanese cyberpunk horror betterbasket.info was written, produced, edited, and directed by cult-film director Shinya Tsukamoto, and produced by Japan Home betterbasket.info is shot in the same low-budget, underground-production style as his first two films. Tetsuo established Tsukamoto internationally and created his worldwide cult betterbasket.info by: Chu Ishikawa.

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