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52% of women think men should shave or trim their leg hair?! But what do men think? Find out the advantages, the disadvantages, and the stats in our very scientific poll, so we can once and for all answer that age-old question: should a man shave his legs?

Jun 26,  · Readers voted, and the answer was clear: Yes, men should absolutely shave their armpits. At least sometimes. Of the 4, men surveyed, Author: Erin Weaver.

The decision of whether or not to shave your armpits is quite personal, but it’s definitely something you should consider. The reality is, and while shocking, when I first checked to see how many other men who asking the same question it was mind blowing.

The First Study On Shaved Armpits And Body Odor For Men. In the early s – a research study found that the odor of the armpit was significantly reduced when men shaved their underarm hair. The effects of shaving on smell lasted for 24 hours after shaving the armpits of the male participants. The odor returned as the hair grew back.