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Oral allergy syndrome is common, says Robert Eitches, MD, attending physician at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. He says he has about patients who have it. But many who have it don’t know they Author: Jarrod Breeze.

Dec 18,  · Can you have an allergic reaction from Oral Sex? Asked by MCS65 Updated 13 February Topics bleeding disorder, allergic reactions, marijuana, sex. I am highly sensitive and allergic to tobacco of any betterbasket.infoly my boyfriend has been using Marijuana and twice I have had severe reactions after oral sex. The latest included.

Oct 20,  · Discuss your thoughts, tips and techniques on oral sex.

Don't let symptoms like red eyes and a runny nose ruin your sex life. Fight back with these tips on preventing and treating allergies. Given the magnitude of the problem, “you start to wonder if Author: David Freeman.