Latino Sex Trade Lives of Truck Drivers - PDF Book Preview - america central driver hiv in latino sex trade truck


america central driver hiv in latino sex trade truck

This startling and unique study examines the on-the-road sex lives of Central American truck drivers. It takes a quantitative and qualitative look at the extent of homosexuality, prostitution, drug use, and vulnerability to HIV infection among these men who operate in a strangely unique sexual by: 4.

Through interviews with truck drivers, this detailed account gives insight into how friends pressure others to perform sexual acts, drink alcohol, and take drugs in order to “fit in.” Latino Truck Driver Trade: Sex and HIV in Central AmericaPrice: $

Jul 18,  · Fighting HIV Among Sex Workers And Truck Drivers In A Doctors Without Borders Program In Mozambique: Goats and Soda It's part of a pilot program from Doctors Without Borders in .

Background. Female sex workers (FSW) are at increased risk for HIV and other STI due to occupation-related risks and exposures. Long-distance truck drivers have been implicated in the spread of HIV, but less is known about HIV/STI risks of FSW servicing truck drivers, especially in North by: 4.