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What’s considered normal discharge? by Mermaids The posts about leaking amniotic fluid really have me freaked out. I know around 17 weeks you get more vaginal discharge but what’s considered too much and how can you tell the difference between normal and amniotic fluid? I had small gush 13 Comments Last updated 9 months ago.

Jun 13,  · So it can be difficult to determine if fluid is urine, amniotic fluid, or vaginal fluid. Amniotic fluid may have a few of the following qualities: clear, white-flecked, and/or tinged with mucus or Author: Rachel Nall, RN, BSN, CCRN.

Vaginal Discharge. You may also experience vaginal discharge. If you are trying to discern whether it's amniotic fluid or discharge, keep in mind discharge may have the following properties: Can be whitish, milky or yellowish ; How to Tell if Your Water Is Leaking Author: Dr. Vilma Ruddock.

Jan 07,  · Amniotic fluid vs Discharge. Amniotic fluid is the yellowish liquid that surrounds the unborn baby in the uterus. Â This fluid is usually contained in the amniotic sac. The fluid acts as a cushion for the fetus as it develops and grows. Â The fluid is inhaled by the unborn baby as it swallows and releases it through its urine.5/5(1).