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People do not choose who they like. Love works in different ways. It is unpredictable. You could think that you hate this person, but then suddenly you are attracted to them. You can't choose who you like, but you can choose to not embrace it or to embrace it. It is your choice but you cant hep who you're attracted to.

Sep 15,  · Best Answer: did you choose? No I think most people are leaning mostly to one way or the other. As Alfred Kinsey reported in his studies, most people lie somewhere in the middle, leaning toward hetero or homosexual. Some people are at the extreme of one side or the other. And yes there is a certain amount Status: Open.

Do people choose whom they are attracted to? The word “choose” is defined as “to select one thing rather than another.”1 One selects someone because one is attracted to him/her. This “attraction” occurs because that individual’s character or appearance fits in with one’s own standards, categories or Author: Christiansenreb.

Aug 13,  · Nature is lazy and complex. Attraction is made up of a whole bunch of factors operating on the brain and body. Why do men have nipples? The answer is that women need nipples, and nature is too lazy to figure out a whole different thing to put on m.