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The Evolution Of Oral Sex: Does 'Going Down' On Your Partner Have Biological Roots? oral sex history survey

May 30,  · In , AARP surveyed 1, Americans aged 45 and older. The survey found, “Compared to , there is a higher incidence of oral sex Author: William Saletan.

Nov 27,  · The intimacy of oral sex for me is not that I have to ejaculate in her mouth. It’s the face she is willing to please me as she is comfortable. Summary of oral sex survey results. Did you notice a trend in those last two questions? I did. It sort of answered the question I was asking last week.

Feb 16,  · Maxim's Sex Survey Results We asked thousands of women about their naughtiest, most intimate sex habits, and instead of zapping us with Tasers, they actually gave us answers! Author:Author: Maxim Staff.

Let's Talk About Sex: the full survey results We asked you about your sex life and 12, of you answered, giving us a snapshot of what goes on in the bedrooms of betterbasket.info: The Irish Times.