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Oct 01,  · I'm curious more than anything, how sex with a 7x5 cock might feel. I know of course there's more to it than the unit (how he uses it etc..) but all other bases being equal, is this size penis enough to get you off? Are there any particular positions or techniques that would benefit those who tend to the less-girthy side?

Nov 06,  · On a site like this or in porn, guys like us are average, but in reality we're pretty big. And I'm not sure what thickjohnny means either by describing the average as unless he's referring to the average size for a large penis support group like this site.

Really, how big is 7" x 5"? This is mainly a question the women and gay men of this sub, but really, Can jelqing help straighten a penis? (burns when girlfriend pees) 7x is a beautiful size. View entire discussion ( comments) More posts from the bigdickproblems community. Continue browsing in r/bigdickproblems. r/bigdickproblems.

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