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Breast augmentation can compromise or even prevent lactation. And to a committed dairy drinker such as myself, that’s the real difference between real and fake tits.” —Scott, 8. “ Any man who’s ever been that close to a woman knows that small boobies feel like boobies, and fake boobs feel like volleyballs.”.

Real or fake boobs pics game is a really challenge for your titty detection skills, only skillful man can determine is breast natural or silicone, can you?

Real or fake? You've probably wondered this more than a few times while checking out a hottie at the bar. Well, since you can't just outright touch her breasts off the bat, and since you don't Author: Shannon Clark.

Dec 06,  · REAL or FAKE? Tits Authenticity Test. By the one and only scientist SVETA BILY.