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We thought we went unnoticed in the Dutch sex shop. Antics on a bored day off. Janet takes a mindless Rachel to a sex shop. Robbie goes down the rabbit hole. Out and Out Exhibitionism. My first sex shop visit leaves me very satisfied. and other exciting erotic at!

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She walked into the sex shop, obviously alone. She was provocatively dressed in a short red skirt, a tight white blouse, and red high heels. She’s the only woman in the store; she brazenly heads for the dildos and vibes, openly looking at them.

Sure I'd had sex in an adult store before but not like this Collared Slave. Some hot customers bring treats - we watch and play. Shy Sadie goes shopping for a new toy, surprises await. 1st-time, Vanilla sex female buys a vibrator but gets more. and other exciting erotic at!