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Can I Get Pregnant From a Toilet Seat? can sperm live on toilet seat

Sperm must enter the vagina in order to cause pregnancy. Sperm is alive as long as it is moist. Once it dries up, it is no longer a threat. So for pregnancy to occur there would have to be live sperm on the toilet seat, but the sperm cannot live very long outside the body.

Jul 24,  · When sperm is on a dry surface, such as sheets, clothing, fingers, skin and toilet seats, sperm is dead once it becomes dry. If sperm is released in water, such as a warm bath or hot tube, it may live longer since it’s a preferred environment. But the chances of you getting pregnant if there are sperm floating around in a hot tube are next to nil.

Oct 02,  · they don't live long, and no, you cannot get pregnant sitting on a toilet seat. If you are satisfied with my answer please hit ACCEPT, so that I may continue helping others. Please ask for clarification or more info and I would be happy to help answer it. .

Sperm cannot survive outside the male body or the female uterus for long periods of time. Even if the semen was not cleaned up, it is almost inconceivable that it would somehow end up making its way into a woman's vagina and up to the cervix all while staying healthy enough to make the swim up the uterus into the fallopian tubes for conception.