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May 02,  · As the company explains, its vacuum pump was specifically designed to provide a powerful suction to safely extract venom and poisons, eliminating the need to use dangerous scalpel blades or knives associated with less effective bite kits. The problem, however, is that research strongly indicates that snakebite kits don’t work.

I purchased those same snake bite suction cups about a month ago and love the results I get. They work real fast and efficiently. Now when I’m excited, my nipples are larger and firmer to the feel and very sensitive. My wife knows that I like nipple play, and she accommodates me very well in this area. I use them about 4 times a week. Peforeal.

Snake Kit With Powerful Suction To Enlarge Nipples This product was originally designed to extract poison out of the body from a snake bite. Because of its well functioning design it also makes for some of the best and powerful suction cups. When applied to the nipples, or .

Wow, it almost appears that most have no idea what is out there and the fun they could be missing! I got interested in pumping after finding out so many men did it. My nipples are sensitive as it is, but when alone very exciting to use mini pumps. (many us the snake bite kit suction ones).