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Aug 10,  · Fortunately, several treatments are available to relieve vaginal dryness. Causes. Vaginal dryness is common symptom of menopause-- and close to one out of .

Vaginal dryness and hormonal imbalance. Your hormones can lose their delicate balance for a number of reasons, the most common of which is the hormonal shifting that .

Mar 21,  · Low estrogen Vaginal dryness is most often caused by a decrease in estrogen levels. Estrogen is a hormone that helps keep the tissues of your .

May 01,  · Treating Vaginal Dryness. Once you’ve ruled out serious concerns, you can check out one of the many natural ways to lubricate your lady parts and remedy vaginal dryness or atrophy. Here are six options: Low-dose vaginal estrogen or other estrogen creams. Author: Sara Gottfried, MD.