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May 24,  · Back in the 60s, it was sexy for women to cook an elaborate meal and be in full make-up for when her husband came home. Now, it is sexy for a woman Author: Shawn Binder.

Apr 21,  · 9 Non-Sexual Things That Make A Woman Sexy AF To A Man. By Paul Hudson. Apr 21, Sexiness, much more than beauty, is very subjective. What I find sexy, you may not find sexy -- Author: Paul Hudson.

Jul 07,  · Having a big smile and being genuinely happy with yourself and your life is what makes a woman sexy to a man. "A man wants to be able to please his woman, and if she's already fulfilled, living the Author: Aly Walansky.

When you think about attractiveness, physical appearance is probably the first thing to come to mind. However, beauty really is in the eye of the beholder and sometimes the things that make a woman hot as hell are all about how she carries herself.