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Mar 09,  · One of the first things you need to do in order to become more sexually confident, is to just be more confident with yourself. Sure, it's easier said Author: Kristine Fellizar.

They also discover more opportunities, are accepted by others readily, and if they have genuinely grasped how to be more sexual, then they also enjoy all expressions of their sexuality – in and outside of the bedroom. If you are wondering how to be more sexual, here are some of our best tips to help you discover your sensual, sexual self. 1.

Jun 19,  · If you are going to get in the mood to be sexual, either alone or with a partner, at least get into the mindset and the role by putting on something proper. No one feels sexy in a .

5 Ways to Be More Sexual—Even When You're Not in Bed 5 Ways to Be More Sexual—Even When You're Not in Bed. Getting in touch with your erotic self can help you feel more authentic, and Author: Amy Stanton & Catherine Connors.