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Red bumps around the anus. A red bump around anus is likely to be a sign of hemorrhoids. Also known as piles, these are painless swelling of the blood vessels around the anus. The swelling can occur inside the rectum or outside rectum, they are these swelling are considered harmless and will in most cases clear on their own.

Bump on side of anus: Hemorrhoids or something else? (1) Hi Alice, Other than hemorrhoids, there are several conditions that can cause similar small bumps to sprout near the anus: Perianal hematomas are very similar to hemorrhoids and often misdiagnosed as such. They are actually a burst blood vessel near the anus, causing a pool of blood.

I get small, red bumps around my anus frequently after I have a bowel movement. At first I thought it was hemorrhoids, so I started using Prep-H. I also thought maybe I was wiping too much and heard you should use damp toilet paper, so I started doing that, but I STILL get the bumps.

White Bumps around Anus Meaning. Some of the skin conditions are able to affect the area of skin on body, which includes the bumps on anus. Skin conditions are associated with an itchy bottom that includes: psoriasis – where red, crusty patches of skin develop .