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25 Best Pregnancy Movies You Can Watch Now teen pregnancy documentaries

The Costs of Teen Pregnancy: Each year , women under the age of 20 become pregnant, 80% of them for the first time. Roughly 38% of these first time parents are younger than 18 .

Sep 13,  · “Mom At Sixteen” is a well-acted movie and gives a message about both pregnant teen and motherhood. It portrays the difficulty of teenage pregnancy, not just from a young girl, but also those involved in it. Each of the movies listed above is entertaining, but more importanty, and they all carry the underlying message of teen Arshi.

Eva Longoria Addresses Teen Pregnancy in PBS Documentary 'A Path Appears' (Exclusive) PM PST 1/23/ by Natalie Stone "What I love about documentaries is Author: Natalie Stone.

Why we love it: Of the pregnancy documentaries out there, this one ranks among our favorites. It follows four human babies from around the world (Namibia, Japan, Mongolia and the US) during the first year of their lives, and proves that no matter the location or culture, babies are just babies.