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Pleasurable fellatio - the pleasure of fellation

Mar 14,  · We mostly think of fellatio as being one person licking or sucking a partner's penis. Keep in mind that while most men have penises, not all do. And not everyone who has a penis always wants to or can use it for sexual pleasure. So this article focuses on only one way of performing oral sex on a .

Fellatio (also known as fellation, and in slang as blowjob, BJ, giving head, or sucking off) is an oral sex act involving the use of the mouth (including the lips and tongue) or throat performed by a person on the penis of another person. Oral stimulation of the scrotum .

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Phoebe's Guide to Oral Sex The Pleasure of Fellatio: Notes on oral sex, from a woman who considers herself an artist on the subject. Men like a woman to play with their penis. To them it is their most important appendage and needs lots of attention by their lover. If you've never just taken the time to look at the male member, I suggest asking.