10 Ways to Boost Male Fertility and Increase Sperm Count - what helps produce sperm


15 Foods for Strong Sperm: Count, Motility, Volume, and More what helps produce sperm

Sep 27,  · Folic acid is vital to the development of healthy sperm. Spinach and other types of leafy green vegetables are a rich source of this vitamin. When your folate levels are low, there is a greater chance you will produce malformed sperm. This will lead to sperm that will have a hard time reaching the egg and penetrating its protective barrier.

The scrotum contains the testes which produce sperm. Higher temperatures tend to hamper the sperm production and decrease the volume that is released in a man’s ejaculate. They also promote sperm production by improving blood circulation and protecting against free radical damage.

Nov 14,  · Sperm count is a key factor in fertility. Medications, alcohol, stress, and other influences can reduce sperm count and reduce fertility at the same time. Author: Jennifer Huizen.

Dec 30,  · 7 Ways To Boost Your Sperm Seven (Simple) Things You Can Do To Boost Your Sperm Count. An abundance of sperm is a sign of testosterone and a Author: David Strovny.