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Jul 12,  · 10 Weird Kinky Sex Acts You Should Try 10 Weirdly Awesome Sex Acts You Should Try At Least Once. Danielle Page. July 12, Share Tweet Flip. 0. Shares.

Well, the ballcuzi is something which is gaining popularity, although it is a super weird sex act. The ballcuzi involves the guy taking his balls and dipping them into a very warm liquid—hot cocoa, tea, just water, etc.—and then their partner blow bubbles into the liquid with a straw.

Nov 24,  · A threesome position wherein one person is bent over at the waist giving one guy oral sex, while the second guy has sex with the blow job giver from betterbasket.info: Cosmo Frank.

Jul 09,  · Follow the jump for five weird sex acts you've probably never heard of. 5. Pheromone Parties You know a sex act is official when it requires gear, and Author: Ily Goyanes.