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Nov 20,  · During the show, the people talking mentioned that the large penises were probably just the artists imagination, or that they were showing that they were more hung than they really were (sort of a "gee I wish I were that big" type of thing). But, if you look at the women in the pictures, what do you notice? They don't have large breasts.

14 Arab countries ranked by penis size Guys, how do you measure up? Scientists from King's College London and London National Health Service measured more than 15, men’s penises to find out what size is “normal”. This study revealed that the average flaccid penis is cm long, cm when erect and cm in circumference.

Oct 24,  · This Site Might Help You. RE: What do you think about Arab men have big and bestest penises? I am with a wonderful man from Lebanon and i must admire not only that he has a really big and thick one but he also knows how to use it betterbasket.infoers: 1.

Mar 22,  · The issue of penis size and ethnicity/race is something that comes up constantly on this forum. It seems that there is a consensus: there are large and small penises in every ethnicity/race. It is likely that these women only had sexual relations with a few Arab men, and so they have generalized these experiences to the entire race.