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The second century Church Father Origen says of the Jesus' virgin birth,. He lists a number of Pagan Gods born of virgins: Danae, Melanippe, Auge and betterbasket.info stories about these Gods are "ancient," says Origin, but unlike the story of Jesus' virgin birth, only fables.

However, there is nothing in Hindu scriptures to suggest that it was a "virgin" birth. By the time of conception and birth of Krishna, Devaki was married to Vasudeva and had already borne seven children. In the Ramayana, Vishnu incarnates himself as a man, Rama, in the womb of Kausalya, one of the wives of the king Dasharatha.

Miraculous (Not Virgin) Births in Ancient Pagan Texts In my previous post I pointed out that there do not appear to be any instances in the other religions of antiquity of a virgin birth – where a woman gives birth without having sex.

Dec 02,  · The pagan god is not born of a virgin mother. The birth of the pagan god is the result of a sexual encounter. The parallel exists, but the Christian tradition antedates the pagan mythology. The pagan god is not born of a virgin mother. Some of the claimed “virgin births” are not births at all; at least not in the normal way a woman delivers.