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May 11,  · This site, like the Selmer Amplifier Website, is a joint collaboration between Tim Fletcher and myself, Steve betterbasket.info both feel very strongly that the old British amps like Selmer, Watkins, and Fenton Weill together with a few others, have been pushed into the shadows by the admittedly well deserved publicity heaped upon Vox and Marshall, and these webpages are our attempts to redress .

Charlie was really the 'amp man'. Sid and Reg Watkins made the guitars in their factory in Chertsey Surrey. In the late 60's the decision was made to split the guitars away from the amps as a separate company and the name Wilson was adopted. Wilson was the maiden name of the brothers' mother.

Watkins amps never landed big stars, or at least didn’t hold on to the endorsements of guitarists once they became big stars. Various Beatles shared a small late-’50s Westminster from the time they were still The Quarry Men, and other notables made their mark with Charlie Watkins’ compact Author: Dave Hunter.

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