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May 05,  · Bare with us! Almost 34, people have signed up for a chance to eat at the Bunyadi, a pop-up restaurant that opens in central London next month Author: Hana R. Alberts.

May 23,  · Seven things you can do naked in NYC. News / City Life. Seven things you can do naked in NYC. Share Tweet. nudist or just someone who wants to Photograph: Dominick Mastrangelo.

Some restaurants require diners to sport a jacket and tie. At a new pop-up in London, clothing is forbidden altogether. The Bunyadi is the city's first nude pop-up it's taking London by storm: Since it was announced in April, 46, people have applied for tickets, which cost £69 ($98) each. Business Insider UK's Chloe Pantazi had lunch at The Bunyadi on opening weekend, and Author: Julie Zeveloff.

If you thought that New York was all about hotdog, donuts and pretzel stands, then you would be wrong. Manhattan is teeming with original and unique dining experiences that could be the proverbial icing on your New York holiday cake. There is something for everyone in the city, but here my pick of 10 of the most unusual restaurants in NYC.